Apr 7, 2011

A Domain-Game Summary: What Was Down In The Hole?

Shen go for a nice walk. Very sunny Spring dayshine. Much good smells. All our hunters very happy with all the good game running around waiting to be eaten. Much lumbers coming in, many buildings getting builded. Patrols out in the woods and along the swampy-bits but not much to see yet. Watch tower getting built. Make it much easier for monkeys to spot bad things at distance. Earthworks getting dug and piled and set-up righty-right by expert shen siege engineers. Smoke house going day and night and another one getting built closer to hunter's main campsite. Root cellars dug, cisterns getting dug, all sorts things getting dug. Much digging going on. Buy more shovels in Butrus.

We send back first load of trade goods. Oh-boy-dokey those go over well. Of course they do. We say they from Shenyu. Who want to call cranky egg-layer shen liar within her hearing? We send shens most likely get good dealings, not one get into fights so much. Need fighting ones here. Wherever 'here' actually be.

Much moneys made on first trip. We hire more experts. Get some more carts, hire wheel-wright. Get a book-keeper. Send encrypted messages back to Shenyu. Tell them we struggling toughly against much odds in wilderness. Need more troops, more engineers, cheap labor, lots of melon seeds and more settler-shens.

While merchant-shen go back to markets in Butrus, we two boss-shens and a small group of crossbow-shens go take looksee at small talus cave under 2 miles away from our encampment.

Nice walk.

Could make a road later, if cave worth anything. Might use for storage. There's a small river flowing into cave, maybe a grotto. We okay with that.

Shen explore cave. Find markings, bits of pretty-glass, digging around and we find a pair of nicey-nice decanters. One goes into our office. Sell the other one, or use as a gift-bribe if needed. Good lootings, not a lot, but a start.

Then we smell something.


Not Mister Sprinkles.

We find big cave-beasts with long-long teeth. Dumb big stinky cave-cats. Rotten things kill some shens. We kill them back. Skin them and make armor for chieftain of the hunters who come along with us to this place. Eat the meat for dinner. Stringy. At least the skulls look good over our gate.

We get engineers to examine cave. Too crumbly-unstable to make fortified, but might work for storage and a nice resource depot. We go explore other interesting area next time. Maybe we can capture some cave-beasts, make them guard-kittys for the camp? They might make nice pets for the childrens, once they learn no eat shens.

This good place. We make a good life here.


phf said...

O Mighty Shen! Know that I cannot read your words! Black on Brown may suit our Lord Sarku, but for mere mortals it is a bulwark against which all comprehension is dashed into dust and blown away on the wind.

NetherWerks said...

@phf: Yeppers. We muck-about with formatting and not get it right yet. Get monkeys to fiddle with it more tomorrow. Then it be readable-er. They say no do red on black either. Might go for black on white. Simpler gooder most oftenest...

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Post-words can be read. Comments look like the Mighty Empress has sent them a cruiser. Bright red on black is good, however. (Sidenote: It's weird what words the Shen picks up. Encrypted just doesn't seem to fit for some reason.)

NetherWerks said...

@C'nor: Shen pick-up much grammatical lootings from loyal monkey-friends. Many good words, some very big like clubs, some very small like microorganisms. Good to know many words.

NetherWerks said...

Do not adjust your set--we control///((***8####^[[[[[[[===_______________________________________okay. I think that's your problem. Are you receiving this more clearly now? Hello? Is anyone out there? I have an angry reptile holding a very sharp sword-axe at my groin and they want me to make sure that this is owrking properly now. help

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Yes, it's working now.

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