May 21, 2012

Got Shen?

Thinking about drawing-up some new Shen...

May 18, 2012

Some Random Old Tekumel Sketches

All of this stuff is from the Eighties, except for the Hnalla glyph, that was done around 2000 or thereabouts.
The Swampfolk was done for Mr. Kaiser's Player's Guide to Tekumel, the undead guy with the spear was originally done for one of the old sourcebooks, if I'm remembering correctly. The 'Very Eighties Shen' was one of dozens of sketches done originally for Armies of Tekumel Book VI: The Shen...more than half of which was lost, and the remainder is on-file with the Aethervox folks for safe-keeping. The last piece is a Tsoggu. Nasty creatures, the Tsoggu. Tekumel has some very cool monsters. I'll keep digging and see if I can find my Ghar, Thunru'u, or Vorodla. I still have to finish the Serudla and the Sro I started when we were still gaming in Butrus. And Fluffy the Wonder-Zrne...I definitely want to draw a pack of Guard Zrne like the Shen are in the process of breeding/training...
Quick Swampfolk thumbnail-sketch
One of thousands of undead legions in service to Lord Sarku
A Shen with a feathery crest.
Some Shen can get as vain about their armor as any human...
An ancient form of the glyph for Hnalla

An old  Tsoggu sketch

May 10, 2012

Sketching Around (1)

An experiment with an old brush-pen I found in the box. Forgot I had the thing. Hmmm. Not sure I care for it, compared to a real brush, but it dried fast and it'll be good for practising on some of the squiggly-sigils, glyphs, seals, emblems, etc. I'll post things here as I do more.