May 10, 2012

Sketching Around (1)

An experiment with an old brush-pen I found in the box. Forgot I had the thing. Hmmm. Not sure I care for it, compared to a real brush, but it dried fast and it'll be good for practising on some of the squiggly-sigils, glyphs, seals, emblems, etc. I'll post things here as I do more.


John Till said...

Hehe, a Shen version of the Eye of Horus.

garrisonjames said...

Sort of; I was going back over some old notes on the demons, gods and cohorts. There are a few demons that have eye-shaped glyphs, and of course Keténgku, the Cohort of Thúmis. Around ten-twelve years ago, I re-did most of the old Temple Emblems/God Glyphs I did back in the Eighties, but most of that stuff got packed away. Some of it was lost. Water damage and mold took care of some of that stuff. Oh well. I'm considering doing a fresh set of glyphs. If I can find my notes from Prof. Barker...

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