Mar 31, 2011

Moneyspace Empires: Now With 60% More Shen

Shen working much busily on long overdue and suspiciously missing portions of Monkeyspace Empires by The Drune. Why Shen no have psychic powers? Simple. Stupid monkeys completely misled by Shen Telepaths from Bureau of Business Accomodation and Annexations. Also most monkeys like to think that Shen no have psychic powers because most egg groups encountered on backwater worlds are warrior-shen, not thinkerer-shen. No let them out much-often. They make messes. Kind of messes that make Empress send out much-many hoo-biggy-huge starfortresses and largerer ships to smack things around until it all okay for Shen again. We no want to reduce your homeworld to radioactive slag. But if it is a good business move, then no worries, we'll get over it fairly soon. Oooooh look--coppper monies!

Shen Goes To Nowhere (Domain-Level Play-testings)

Shen expedition going very, very well. Explorations have been much encouraging. We now branching out from humble villa-front to much vast tracts of good, rich farmland, lovely swamps, and good trees. Even if the trees are infested with littler, paler monkey-things.

Shen building nice settlement-fortress just past the Nexus Point in the swamps outside Butrus. So far no one know what going on. Shen not stupid--we send ships out to Shenyu, bring in our trade goods as rare and exotic things from Shenyu. Most monkeys too frail to go very far inland. Always complaining it too hot. Constantly whining that it too dangerous. Food no good. Water too full of parasites. Lizard-things too big and frightful. Bah. Monkeys like cold too much, makes their brains worker slowerer. Shenyu very nice place. Monkeys just not strong enough to appreciate it.

Working on reports for boss-shen in Butrus. We building good defensible position, much fresh water, plenty game, loads of firewood. Many things to go explore. Much lootings is very likely. This is a good place. Shen like it here.

Even if it is a bit cool.

Shen Visits Grumpy Old Troll

Grumpy Old Troll making much nobleness and let Shen and others come over to their blog-thingy and go looting about the dusty cellar-spaces. Troll have many strange apparatus and devices of dead old monkeys lying around place. Dead bodies on slabs too. But Shen no judge monkeys. They do that without any help from Shens. We not get pesonal about dead things. They either food or somebody elses' problem.
Link for all Grumpy Old Troll Tekumel Episodes

Below are all Shen's Notes to Shen in order from recentest-most to firstest-forgotten. Shen not sure just what, but Shen sure to be missing something in all these notes, all these lookings around and attempted lootings. Grumpy Old Troll very clever. Shen still no find cats anywhere around this place. Stupid Jarpha lied to Shen about that. Again. They just want to keep all the cats to themselves. Greedy Jarpha.

Last Updated: April 13, 2011

Tekumel Eleven
Tinaliya gets up. Definitely undead tinaliya. Sloshes a bit. Smell not too bad. Yet. 
It get's up and starts to wander around talking to itself. 
Hookay. Shen follow the tinaliya. He no need to eat--that definitely not so good a sign. Undead have problems staying together, tend to rot fast in the hotter places. Shen no use undead. Make lousy slaves, no good to eat. Just bad business all around. 
Laboratory. Nice word. A place where monkeys do sorcery-type jiggery-pokery. Hah. Good. We look for magic-type lootings. Maybe tinaliya know about mechanism-things. We tell him what we know, what we've learned, what we've seen so far. Maybe his curdled brains will still work and he can help us sort things out more. 
We missing piece of puzzle. Solve that and we can go on to something more fun, more loot-able, maybe more edible too...

Tekumel Ten
Tinaliya wakes up. Kind of. Speaks shen. A good sign. Call shen 'master.' Not so good sign--bug-thing looking for promotion maybe? Not trust those types. Besides, shen no pay. No pay, no slave. Tinaliya-sect need to get that straight.
Good. Tina-buggy things only good if you roast them and then use lots of butter. We say untie the little bug. Maybe find something useful for it to do. Who this Johannes? Does he have anything good to eat with him? What is 'German'? It good to eat?
Tekumel Nine
Shen watch tinaliya. They sneaky. Not taste so good either. No gems come loose. Not understanding this place. Overlooking something? Mechanism-thing seem to make undead. Not so good. Taste bad, often make sick if eat them. Yick.

Two bodies now become undead. Are we undead? If not, how we end up different than last two? Big question.

Time to re-examine the space, sort out if there are other areas, entrances/exits, maybe find someone who knows more about this place. Not having much luck figuring out mechanisms. Maybe more clues. Maybe more better think to re-look at everyting from beginning.

If tinaliya not help, smash in it's brain so it can't hurt either.

Sloshy tiniliya not good bet for helpful companion. Most likely flesh-eating undead thing.

Maybe we need ot try another sequence on the mechanism-thing? Can we switch it to another setting on tinaliya before we need to smash in its brain-pan?

Tekumel Eight
Shen no like barbequed raisin-hearts. Yick.

Now have pack to carry. Weapon to hit with. The big cabochon-thing looks like a one-way trip to burning death, so not go that way. Does this thing have controls or levers or buttons that can be rearranged, maybe give it a new setting? There still plenty other stuff to throw into it to test things out.

This nest-hat; does it make my tail look fat, or does it do anything special when worn, other than encumber the head?

Maybe good idea to wake up another body. At least it'd be something to smack around if no good lootings are to be had.

Any gems that can be pried loose?

Tekumel Seven
Shen no eat dried-out old raisin-hearts. At least not right now. Might be better things to eat elsewhere. Not sure why a box of dirt is in this place. Not like funny green liquid-thing. It trying to be sneaky. Dumb liquid. It no outsmart shen.

Lid go away--no puff of smoke, no shrieking of damned souls, no lamentations of monkey-wimmins: maybe the lid not destroyed, just sent somewhere else.

Shen lob the box of dirt, then box of colory bird-nest thingys at big buzzing gem-thing.

If they disappear, not much mess. Still have box of raisin-hearts.

Jiggle box with green liquid in it. Shen wonder if it would make a good pet. Probably not. How to house-break slimy green liquid-thingy?


Shen lob box with green goo at big gem if other two boxes disappear. Might as well clear the shelf. Green liquid maybe alive. Might make a differance to buzzing gem.

If boxes all just go away, leae shen all alone, shen go look for fabric in other room to make a bundle. Then go try to pry out some gems. Maybe wake up another body. Especially if one is another shen. But no ahoggya. They stink. No wake one of those. Kill it maybe, but no wake it.

What else there around here for shen to eat or to be making the lootings with?

Tekumel Six
Shen open boxes. Any food? Weapons? Something usable to carry loot-things in? Wasn't there some fabric-stuff over where the metal bar was? Can shen rig-up some sort of loot-satchel? That'd be handy--then we cna start looking for gems to pry out of pedastels or maybe some of these other things, if they look suitably portable enough...

Tekumel Five
Shen like book. First try read book. If no nice pictures or it not in Shen-script or some language shen recognize, close it and carry it along. Books worth money. Especially books recovered from sorcerer places at great personal risk...

Shen look through chlen hide boxes, look for food, look for wayto carry good loot-things from this place. Weapons other than blunt bar of silver would be good things to find as well.

Maybe we go try to wake one more body?

Tekumel Four
Kill this thing. It no friend to shen. Bad monkey. Break his head with metal rod. Break it thoroughly and very professionally. Just like they taught us as hatchlings back in Shenyu.

Tekumel Three
Shen no like sound of this. Metal rod worth much Kaitars in monkey-city. Make good weapon for now. Rather have a heavy crossbow, but this work good enough, maybe.

This body waking up--it too quiet for any good thing to come of this. Shen prepare the rod to smack this body if it gets uppity or not like shen.

Can any of those gems get pried loose? Might be good to have a few gems handy, for later...

Tekumel Two
Shen like the warm air. No like the buzzing. Bad memories of time in Merchant Marine. Ugly bugs make stupid buzzing noise.

Shen look around. What is close-by in terms of weapons, food or loot?

Need to go check out one more pedastel, close to shen, that has other body on it. Pull off the draping-thing. Maybe wake them up. Even if tehy not shen, two fighters better than one, usually. Maybe they sorcerer and can send shen home. Hah! Not likely. But shen try.

Bits of wood might make a club, if it not all wormy and worthless. Better get club made first, then try wake next body...

Tekumel One
Shen no like dusty-musty place. Too cold. Stupid monkey sorcerer bring shen here for what? Get eaten-taken-disappeared by funny tentacle-things. Pah! Not much good wizard that one.

Shen look for food. Look for weapons. Shen want go home. Maybe kick dumb monkey if find him.