Aug 4, 2012

Shen Heavy Infantry

This was originally done for Armies of Tekumel, Book 6: The Shen.
The book got cancelled when Tekumel Games went through some (ahem) financial difficulties.
Years later the book did finally get produced...minus all the Shen like the one above.
Maybe we'll find a nice new home for these long-lost Shen...

Please Note: The helmet is adapted from a fierce swamp-creature native to Shenyu; no doubt as a discerning person of good taste in such matters, you have noticed the reinforced split in the top section to allow the Shen's spiny-bits to go all erect without interfering with little things like seeing through the eye-holes, stuff like that. The Shen consider this a design feature, a few fool-hardy monkey-types have tried to exploit this as though it were a design flaw, with mixed results. Usually to the chagrin of the non-Shen.