Jun 7, 2012

Hlyss: Straight-On

The Hlyss are 'cousins' to the Ssu. Quadripedal insectoid creatures who have the nasty habit of inserting their larvae into the still-conscious bodies of their enemies. I've seen several side-views before, so I tought that I'd try something a little different.

Jun 6, 2012

Composite Undead

Thanks to certain vats and other devices of the ancients, among other things, some sorcerers, priests and scholars have been able to cobble-together a wide variety of composite undead. Some are more akin to the Mrur or Shedra, but most are closer to the Hra in character. Some of these composite undead are composed of non-human pieces and parts. These sorts of undead are occasionally encountered in the deeper parts of older sections of the underworld. Certain temples have been known to send discrete expeditions to search through the regions where such things have been reported, perhaps they are hoping to find functional vats, or other such things...