Mar 31, 2011

Shen Goes To Nowhere (Domain-Level Play-testings)

Shen expedition going very, very well. Explorations have been much encouraging. We now branching out from humble villa-front to much vast tracts of good, rich farmland, lovely swamps, and good trees. Even if the trees are infested with littler, paler monkey-things.

Shen building nice settlement-fortress just past the Nexus Point in the swamps outside Butrus. So far no one know what going on. Shen not stupid--we send ships out to Shenyu, bring in our trade goods as rare and exotic things from Shenyu. Most monkeys too frail to go very far inland. Always complaining it too hot. Constantly whining that it too dangerous. Food no good. Water too full of parasites. Lizard-things too big and frightful. Bah. Monkeys like cold too much, makes their brains worker slowerer. Shenyu very nice place. Monkeys just not strong enough to appreciate it.

Working on reports for boss-shen in Butrus. We building good defensible position, much fresh water, plenty game, loads of firewood. Many things to go explore. Much lootings is very likely. This is a good place. Shen like it here.

Even if it is a bit cool.

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