Apr 26, 2011

Two Shen From Mars

Shen From Mars Number One:

Warrior Level 1
STR: 16
DEX: 10
CON: 13
INT: 7
PSY: 7
CHA: 12
HP: 15
Background Skills
Basic: Brawler
Tech: Smuggler
Warrior Skills: Primitive Weapon, Space Swordsman, Space Axeman, Energy Pistol, Energy Rifle, Space Armor, Projectile Pistol
Credits: 1800
Gear: Space Axe, Space Sword, Vibroblade, Space Armor (light), Air Tablets, Communicator, Utility Belt

Shen From Mars Number Two: 
Warrior Level 1
STR: 12
DEX: 12
CON: 12
INT: 10
PSY: 5
CHA: 12
HP: 14
Background Skills
Basic: Brawler, Driver, Gambler, Survivalist
Tech: Air Pilot, Mechanic, Comms Tech
Expert: Spacer, Astronomer, Jack
Warrior Skills" Primitive Weapon, Space Swordsman, Space Axeman, Energy Pistol, Energy Rifle, Space Armor, Projectile Pistol, Projectile Rifle, Grenades, Heavy Weapons
Credits: 2800
Gear: Space Axe, Space Sword, Space Armor (light), Air Tablets, Vibroblade, Communicator, Rope, Utility Belt,Waterskin
Share with Taliat: Heat Ray Rifle, Z-Ray Rifle

Taliat and Tabash are clone-shen bred on Mars as part of the private army of a petty Lordling who has since been dispossessed of his holdings due to the retaliation of a small consortium of his enemies who took it upon themselves to ruin him once and for all. Many of this Lord's clone-shen are now out of a job, and abandoned. since they belong to a foreign egg-group, they smell bad to the other clone-shen and cannot easily enter into another Lord's service. There was talk about possibly working towards avenging their fallen Lord, but since this was never specified in the contract of their service, and seeing as the Lord will no longer be able to pay them, nothing has come of this and indeed most of the clone-shen have all moved on to other things.

So now they salvage things, loot things, and act as freelancers and mercenaries operating from the seedy underbelly of Mars. If they ever accumulate enough wealth, perhaps they can set up a freehold amongst the asteroids and possibly start a nice freefall fern farm, centrifugal-trellis melon-ranch, or something like that.

They have found that they rather enjoy looting old abandoned estates, investigating ruins,and  exploring grotty old space hulks. No shen dies of natural causes, so they are less than finicky about what types of odd jobs they take on in order to pay the bills. They also enjoy Opera, long walks by the dry sea bed, and pickles. Lots of pickles.

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