Jan 5, 2011

Shen Branching Out

Our Most Noble & Virtuous Leader
Shen are by nature peace-loving and friendly and foreward-lookingest peoples on whole world. We know this to be true because we travel farther than anyone else. Shen ships are the best there is. But sometimes shen no use ships. There are nexus-points that lead to other places. Not long ago Shen's monkey-friends found nexus points. Priest-monkeys all take turns explaining nexus points to shen. They go slow. Use many new words. But shen learn. Get ideas.

Many new shens arriving in monkey-city Butrus. They not very old, still smell like inside of egg. But they shen, and they good fighters. They listen to Shen. Listen to ideas. It agreed amongst all shen present: the glory and strategic long-term safety of the territorial interests of the great empire of Shenyu are best served by our exploring these nexus points. But shen are not piddling amateurish ahoogya prone to molesting hmellu. No. Shen very smart. Shen do things right. Shen set up base camps out past these nexus points and send in professionals--trained soldiers, engineers, and cartographers. They locate suitable sites and begin the building of stockades and such things. One day these become fortresses overlooking thriving colonies.

One day. Some day. But for now, it is enough to send out parties to go exploring these new places beyond the Nexus Points. Some say that there are entire other worlds out there, worlds that still have stars like in the ancient songs of our egg-group. Shen like to see stars someday.

Welcome to the Domain of the Shen

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ckutalik said...

Monkey-GM looks forward to the introduction of Species VII: Reptilian to the Land of Nowhere.

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