Jan 13, 2011

Going Nowhere Fast

Going Nowhere Fast
So, we have the Expeditionary Force of the Glorious (Yet Necessarily Somewhat Discrete) Shenyu Empire out and about in Chris Kutalik's 'Nowhere' as part of the Hill Cantons' Domain-Level Play-test. We've sent-in our first set of orders for the first two-week turn and now the Shen are busily digging latrines, setting up defenses and investigating their surroundings. They look forward to meeting their neighbors and doing much good business dealings. Once we finish compiling the Summary Report that we are drafting for Mr. Berry for matters back in Butrus, we'll excerpt a few bits here to keep you all in the loop. Let's just say that there are a few rather interesting proposals on the proverbial table and we're looking forward to the results of our initial scouting, hunting and foraging/gathering forays. It will be nice to be able to import exotic wares from Shenyu without having to sail all that way...

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Johnathan Bingham said...

I look forward to hearing the results of ALL your playtests. There is a great energy going on right now.

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