May 5, 2010

Game Session Reports, etc. for the Evens Group

Deliver To: Tsura hiTarguma, High Scholar, Temple of Ketengku, Isle of Vra

Dearest Cousin Tsura,
I am happy to report that my time here in Butrus is proving to be both educational and very enlightening. My companions have been wonderfully helpful in introducing me to the city and its environs and I have been well-protected by my Shen bodyguard. Thank you for engaging his services on my behalf. I've only been blown up once in my time here, and that was the unintended result of my own curiosity. I have also made some small progress in my linguistic survey, which, on a personal level, pleases me immensely.

Most recently a few of us went for a stroll and wandered into some underground territory. I shan't bore you with the details, however we did manage to find a few small trinkets of passing interest. I have entrusted this courier with a bauble for the temple to be delivered to you. It may not look like much, at first glance, but I suspect that you will find a good use for this item in your own studies. I have kept the only other one like it that we found here with me, where it will be safe and be of great help in my own studies.
I hope this message finds you well. I will send a detailed report on my time here as time permits.
Kaiya hiTarguma

From the Personal Journal of Kaiya hiTarguma

Butrus becomes more and more interesting every day. This particular branch of the White Stone Clan does seem to have a knack for finding good old stuff. Just as well, since they tend to do an inordinate amount of damage to their neighbors and can use the extra funding. The shen actually made a considerable sum of kaitars mollifying the locals in the House's most recent neighborhood interaction. He's worth watching.

I've debated recording this at all, but have decided that it's best to have a record for posterity, should anyone figure out how to decode it. We recently found what I would consider to be one of the best forms of transportation to date, a mechanism of the ancients that provides a form of mass instantaneous relocation. A mechanical form of translocation. In theory we might be able to use this system to visit almost any location in the world, although further testing on the return aspect will be needed. A small group of us did make a couple of visits in a few short hours, including a spot on the Southern Continent that I shall have to re-visit for a thorough ethnographic and linguistic survey, especially with some of the tools we recovered, which included boxes of translation devices and educational spheres which I have good reason to believe hold much of the knowledge lost to us across the ages.
We also recovered "healing touch" gloves (an appropriately descriptive if unimaginative name) that repair trauma almost immediately. I shall have to research their use in healing disease and contagion. I am unclear if they will be of use with poison or how they will handle some of the more sorcerously derived pestilences.

Everyone also acquired fresh armor of various sorts that would be entirely unproduceable anywhere else. I now have a new solid breast and back plate with matching skullcap as well as a separate set of custom-fitted mesh armor, neither of which seems to impair my magic in the least. This will most assuredly come in handy as we continue to explore things in more detail.
I made sure to follow the lead of my companions and retrieved many smaller items that can be sold or given without raising undue curiosity from eyes that do not need to see, only to be seen. The shen was good enough to let everyone copy his wheeled cart so that we could each drag back a sizable share of loot from this last venue. A priest of Qon is also a very handy person to have on hand.

All in all I'm very pleased with my current place in the world. There's so much more to discover, and this seems to be my best chance at doing it.

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